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In Project on December 12, 2010 at 6:03 am

On 12/11/2009, the foundation stone of the Citizen Network Project, in a classroom at the University of Bologna has been made public for the first time the project  that aims to create a new way to feel European and talking about Europe .


The main points of the presentation were:

  • A World divided by borders and the importance of overcoming.
  • The global crisis of press and ultimately, the vertical setting of  informations and of any other aspect of our lives
  • The desire to form a team of volunteers to carry forward the conceptualization even before the actual implementation of the Project
  • The solution to the problem of borders, of the press crisis and the lack of an active role of Citizens with a Network
  • A free magazine on the Internet platform, European, multilingual, and inclusive
  • The real chance to do the newspaper at all the levels through an association rooted in the territory
  • An association that whatever the magazine is useful in itself as an incubator of european projects and activities of citizens


We need a new way to feel our identity and a new way of inform, a new way of feel Europeans and a new way to speak about Europe. Only citizens can re-appropriating their prerogatives, only united we can raise one voice that will reach the rest of society and institutions, at least in Europe, where it is more possible that elsewhere to say that the “peoples” are in reality a people. Uniting people from every corner of the continent, not in base of their nationality, but depending from their desire to be citizens of a new world, a world more vast and varied, but not therefore less united.

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